Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 2, 2019

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Welcome to online resource ViNTERA.TV!

ViNTERA.TV is an international multiscreen platform for broadcasting and watching TV channels.

Our service provides the opportunity  of viewing TV channels from the public Internet in a «Internet TV» section, and open TV channels from local network of your IPTV operators or Internet Service Providers (ISP) «TV providers / IPTV» section.

After registering on the website you will have an access to the full list of TV channels from the public Internet and from your IPTV or Internet providers.

After registration you will have an opportunity to add / edit playlists of TV channels of your local IPTV or Internet providers.

Owners of mobile devices based on iOS / Android will be able to view TV channels through the website in a "Internet TV" section and download the required version of ViNTERA.TV application depending on your device type (more here).

ViNTERA.TV service is focused on a mass audience (the users), as well as on professionals. TV broadcasters can quickly and cost-effectively broadcast via ViNTERA.TV platform on all Internet-connected devices and connect to IPTV and cable operators ("Broadcasters").
IPTV operators and Internet service providers can use ViNTERA.TV platform for the expansion of the subscriber base by viewing TV channels in their network on Smart TVs or via ViNTERA.TV website ("Operator"). IPTV operators /Internet providers can add / edit playlists of TV channels by themselves. More than 6000 operators and providers in Russia and CIS countries have connected to the services of ViNTERA.TV platform.
ViNTERA.TV is the platform for effective cooperation between viewers, broadcasters and TV operators.

You can read more about ViNTERA.TV platform (including a functional block diagram) in the "About system"section.

Connect and enjoy!

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