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Oct 8, 2019

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About system

ViNTERA.TV platform is intended for broadcasting TV channels with SD, HD and 3D quality on all Internet-connected devices: PC, Smart TV, Internet TV sat-top boxes, mobile devices, iPhone / iPad / Android.

The platform provides the integration of Internet TV, OTT, Connected TV with networks of IPTV and ISP providers, ie gives  the opportunity to view TV channels from the public Internet and local networks of IPTV ISP.


ViNTERA.TV is a platform for effective cooperation between viewers, broadcasters and Internet/IPTV operators.

More than 6000 Internet providers and IPTV operators in Russia and CIS countries have connected to the services of the platform ViNTERA.TV.

The basic principles of the project ViNTERA-TV

The main idea of the project ViNTERA-TV was the union of technology and opportunities of professional television with the technology and opportunities of the Internet in the media field.

 As for the quality of media services, the end-user (the viewer) has new opportunities (service), previously unavailable for any technological environment separately, i.e. achieved a so-called synergistic effect. 

Among these services: HDTV and 3DTV broadcasts in the Internet, viewing HDTV and 3DTV content via the Internet TV set-top box, viewing HDTV and 3DTV content via TVs which have functions of Internet access and interactive Internet TV broadcasting (Telewebinar) with the ability to communicate with the audience through video, voice and text chats.

The project ViNTERA-TV meets the following basic principles:

-Always that is, access to TV services 24x7;

-Everywhere that is, access to services ViNTERA-TV anywhere in the world with Internet access including Wi-Fi;

Independence of the way of viewing (multi-screen) that is, viewing via all Internet-connected devices: PC, Smart TV, Internet TV sat-top boxes, mobile devices iPhone / iPad / Android;

Openness and universality that is, compatibility with all common media technologies in TV and the Internet (ViNTERA-TV - a unified platform for all methods of distribution  TV content: terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV and Internet TV);

-Modularity that is, the possibility of increasing the quantity and quality of services without principal changes in the infrastructure of the project ViNTERA-TV;

-Interactivity (Televebinar), ie the possibility of feedback with the viewers around the world via video and text chat, the organization "teleconference bridge";

-the possibility to broadcast SDTV, HDTV and 3DTV in the Internet;

-the possibility to manage all services through the Web-based interface;

-the possibility for conditional access via the Internet to the TV service, regardless of way of viewing.

The advantages of the platform ViNTERA.TV

-The ability to view TV channels from the public Internet and the local network of your Internet service provider or IPTV operator with the quality of SD, HD, 3D;

- The availability, prostate and ease of use for subscribers;

-Providing of service ViNTERA.TV "turnkey" for TV channels: Minimum connection time, affordable rates, wide coverage, scalability, allowing to connect to the service as a novice TV channels and federal TV channels;

-The ability to add / edit playlists of TV channels of local Internet / IPTV operators;

-Internet TV broadcasting (OTT) is global and does not require a broadcasting license;

-The ability to limit Internet TV broadcasting by rights holder territory;

-Access to statistics allows to evaluate the ratings of separate programs of the TV channel, the geography of the audience, time watching;

-Different ways of monetizing: pre-roll / post-roll advertising  every time you turn on / off the TV channel, advertising on the main page of the application ViNTERA.TV, the subscription fee for a package of provided TV channels or for the rent opportunities of the app ViNTERA.TV.

Millions of viewers, including subscribers, more than 6000 Internet TV / IPTV operators use the services platform ViNTERA.TV.

Functional block diagram of ViNTERA.TV platform


            ViNTERA.TV service combines the capabilities of OTT and local networks of IPTV and ISP under one universal platform.

Sources of TV channels can be anywhere in the world in any format and on all Internet-connected devices.

ViNTERA.TV platform can be represented in the form of 10 functional modules:

1.      System of global aggregation of TV channels;

2.      System of coding / transcoding TV channels;

3.      System of CDN (Content Delivery Network) is system of powerful interconnected servers in data centers in Russia and around the world which provide a massive guaranteed broadcasting;

4.      System of control of TV channels is subdivided into control of TV channels via Internet (OTT) and control playlists of local  IPTV / OTT operators;

5.      Conversion of video protocols is conversion system of output TV-streams in a form that enables guaranteed to take a TV-channel on all Internet-connected devices;

6.      Global advertising management system which is integrated in ViNTERA.TV service;

7.      System of ensuring crossplatform connections gives possibility of  commutation TV channels with cable, IPTV, satellite and terrestrial operators;

8.      Interactive television system (Telewebinar) allows to organize interactive online broadcasting for any TV channel with the possibility of feedback with the audience via text and video chats;

9.      System of round-the-clock (24x7) monitoring the quality of services (broadcasting);

10.  System of statistics connections allows TV-channels to have online information about the number of connections, their duration, distribution of connections across countries, by type of devices (screens) etc.



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