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Oct 8, 2019

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1) Question: How to watch IPTV on Smart TV? What do I need for it?

Answer: If your Internet provider is broadcasting free-TV channels in its network send your IP address and playlist of provider to to set up access to them. Or you can do it from our website ViNTERA.TV but you have to pre-register.

2) Question: Could you tell me where can I get a list of channels of my provider for sending you?

Answer: Usually playlist (file with the. M3u) can be downloaded from the official website of your provider.

3) Question: I have sent the playlist via the form and by e-mail when will be connection of the channels of my ISP?

Answer: After you will send us the playlist of ISP and IP address, connection will be for a week. You will receive a written notice about that.

4) Question: Channels of ISP have disappeared. Why?

Answer: We tie playlists to a range of IP addresses provided by your ISP. Apparently your new IP address is not included in this range. You need to send it to us, we will add to the existing range, and then it will work. If you know the full range of IP addresses provided by your ISP, please send it to us.

5) Question: What IP address should I send?

Answer: We need your external IP address. Find it here via our website when submitting the form or with the help of app ViNTERA.TV for your Smart TV.

6) Question: Could you add NTV+ Football and Discovery HD in the list of channels for Smart TV?

Answer: At this moment negotiations with rightholders

7) Question: My ISP has only paid, closed channels. What should i do?

Answer: Look for provider with open free-TV channels in your area.

8) Question: Why TV provider channels don’t work on my TV?

Answer: If your service provider broadcasts in multicast maybe your router does not support it.
Try to connect your TV directly by wire.
To enable multicast on your router you need to find its settings and activate «IGMP ..», «Multicast ...», «IPTV ...», «Wi-Fi Multimedia» or similar. Details find at the manufacturer's website or manual.

9) Question: Why some channels don’t work stable?

Answer: Try to connect the device directly to the Internet via wire (without a router).
To diagnose the problem please inform us by email following information:
1) Names of the channels and the section ("Internet TV"/"TV Provider").
2) Device model (Smart TV/Android/Internet TV box).
3) Place of your location (city/country).
4) Time of viewing.

10) Question: Doesn’t launch the app. "Loading"...

Answer: In the settings of your Smart TV or the router you need to change the ip address of the DNS server to and then restart the app.

11) Question: What brands and models of Smart TVs support ViNTERA.TV app?

Answer: Samsung Smart TV. Series: 14TV_STANDARD3, 14TV_STANDARD1, 14TV_PREMIUM, 14TV_ENTRY, 13TV_STANDARD, 13TV_PREMIUM, 12TV_7Group, 12TV_6Group, 12MFM_6Group, 11TV-7Group, 11TV-6Group, 11TV-5Group, 11AV-6Group, 11AV-5Group, 10TV
LG SmartTV: 2012/2013/2014
Sony SmartTV via OperaTV Store: BDP8G_AX, BDP8G_BX, BDP9G_AX, BDP9G_AXD, BDP9G_BX, BDP10G_AX, BDP10G_AXD, BDP10G_BX, BDV6G_EJ, BDV6G_NJ , BDV7G_NV ,KD-55X8500A, KD-55X8504A, KD-55X8505A, KD-55X9000A, KD-55X9004A, KD-55X9005A, KD-55X9200A, KD-65X8500A, KD-65X8504A, KD-65X8505A, KD-65X9000A, KD-65X9004A, KD-65X9005A, KD-65X9200A, KDL-24W600A, KDL-24W605A, KDL-32W500A, KDL-32W503A, KDL-32W600A, KDL-32W603A, KDL-32W605A, KDL-32W607A, KDL-32W650A, KDL-32W651A, KDL-32W653A, KDL-32W654A, KDL-32W655A, KDL-32W656A, KDL-32W658A, KDL-32W670A, KDL-32W674A, KDL-40W900A, KDL-40W904A, KDL-40W905A, KDL-40W920A, KDL-42W650A, KDL-42W651A, KDL-42W653A, KDL-42W654A, KDL-42W655A, KDL-42W656A, KDL-42W657A, KDL-42W658A, KDL-42W670A, KDL-42W674A, KDL-42W800A, KDL-42W801A, KDL-42W802A, KDL-42W804A, KDL-42W805A, KDL-42W807A, KDL-42W808A, KDL-42W809A, KDL-42W850A, KDL-46W700A, KDL-46W704A, KDL-46W705A, KDL-46W707A, KDL-46W708A, KDL-46W900A, KDL-46W904A, KDL-46W905A, KDL-46W920A, KDL-46W950A, KDL-46W954A, KDL-46W955A, KDL-46W957A, KDL-47W800A, KDL-47W801A, KDL-47W802A, KDL-47W804A, KDL-47W805A, KDL-47W807A, KDL-47W808A, KDL-47W809A, KDL-47W850A, KDL-50W650A, KDL-50W655A, KDL-50W656A, KDL-50W657A, KDL-50W670A, KDL-50W680A, KDL-50W685A, KDL-50W700A, KDL-50W704A, KDL-50W705A, KDL-50W707A, KDL-50W708A, KDL-55W800A, KDL-55W801A, KDL-55W802A, KDL-55W804A, KDL-55W805A, KDL-55W806A, KDL-55W807A, KDL-55W808A, KDL-55W809A, KDL-55W850A, KDL-55W900A, KDL-55W904A, KDL-55W905A, KDL-55W920A, KDL-55W950A, KDL-55W954A, KDL-55W955A, KDL-55W957A, KDL-65S990A, KDL-65S995A, KDL-65W850A, KDL-65W855A, XBR-55X850A, XBR-55X855A, XBR-55X900A, XBR-55X905A, XBR-55X907A, XBR-65X850A, XBR-65X900A, XBR-65X905A, XBR-65X907A, KDL-SE2N,  KDL-32W700C, KDL-32W705C , KDL-40W700C, KDL-40W705C, KDL-48W700C, KDL-48W705C, KJ-32W700C, KJ-40W700C, KJ-48W700C
Philips SmartTV. Series: 2013 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 (except 42PFL7008K). 2014: 4500, 5500, 5600, 5700, 5900, 6100, 6300, 6400, 6500, 6600, 6700, 6800, 7100, 7300, 7500, 7800

12) Question: In what countries ViNTERA.TV app is available on SmartTV TVs?

Answer: At this moment ViNTERA.TV app  is available on Smart TVs Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony worldwide.

13) Question: Why TV Provider section doesn’t work on Smart TV?

Answer: .If you have Smart TV LG (WebOS) or Samsung (Tizen) you need enable UDPProxy setting (tick) in your router and see what port is used UDPProxy. In UDPProxy setting of app enter the router's IP address and UDPProxy port.
After these steps TV Provider channels should be available.

14) Question: Why does the application not loading or not running channels (black screen)?

Answer: In the settings of your device change the IP address of the DNS server to, then restart the application.

15) Question: Why doesn’t launch the application?

Answer: The easiest way to update device software to the latest version. After that, delete the app and install again from the app store.

16) Question: How to update the application? 

Answer: The easiest way to update device software to the latest version. After that delete the app and install again from the app store.

17) Question: How to change the screen aspect ratio in ViNTERA.TV app on LG Smart TVs WebOS (2014, 2015, 2016)?

You can change the screen aspect ratio in ViNTERA.TV app via the screen aspect ratio in the TV settings. 
According to LG requirements this function can’t be included in the application.

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