Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 2, 2019

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Smart TV

You can view TV channels from the public Internet and from your local network of operators via Smart TVs.

Today ViNTERA.TV app is available on Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Sony (OperaTV Store), Philips, Blaupunkt, Haier, Hisense, Sharp, Telefunken, DNS, Aiwa, Toshiba, Vestel, etc.

You don’t use any computers or any set-top boxes. Platform ViNTERA.TV realizes this service via special  ViNTERA.TV app on  Smart TVs.

Here is the "icon" of the application on the Smart TV. 

This application is no more difficult in using than a regular TV that is why this service is available to a wide audience.

Unlike a similar service with viewing on a PC (via the website) viewing via Smart TV is completely open and does not require registration.

However registration can be convenient and useful for you because you can add or edit playlists of local providers through the site, to use other services of platform ViNTERA.TV, receive special offers, etc.

If you are the owner of any Smart TV Samsung of 2010-2013 you should press Smart TV button on the panel and enter in app ApplicationStore in section Video after that you should find and download the ViNTERA.TV app where you will enjoy of viewing favorite TV channels. In Samsung Smart TV 2014 ViNTERA.TV app is in "Сategories" in "Video" section. In LG Smart TVs (2012 - 2013) you can find ViNTERA.TV in "Smart World" section and in LG Smart TVs 2014 in "Apps&Games" section.

The main page of the menu

For comfortable viewing of TV channels the speed of Internet access should be:

- not less than 2 Mbit / s - for SD channels;

- not less than 3 Mbit / s - for the HD channels;

- not less than 4 Mbit / s - for 3D channels.

Typically when you view the TV channels through network of local providers access speed is up to 100 Mbit / s. So to watch these TV channels on Smart TVs are no restrictions except the limitations of local providers.

Functions of the buttons on the remote

 1st press - playing in small screen; 2nd press - playing in full screen, etc.

  UP/DOWN buttons on the big center button - switch TV channels in the small screen mode.

  LEFT/RIGHT buttons - consistently switch sections in top menu: "Internet TV", "Providers TV", "Favorites", "Settings".

  GREEN button – switch size of the screen: 4:3/14:9/16:9.

  YELLOW button – add TV channel in «Favorites» section if you are in «Internet TV» section. Or delete TV channel if you are in «Favorites» section.

  BLUE button - enable or disable 3D mode from full-screen if TV channel is broadcasting in 3D mode.

  RED button - activate EPG (Electronic Program Guide) of the TV channel, if it has EPG red icon.

  BACK/RETURN button - return to the previous screen of the application or exit from the application.

Presentation of application ViNTERA.TV:

Tel.: +7-495-741-7552


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Тел.: +7 (495) 781-20-61

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