Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 2, 2019

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Advertising in ViNTERA.TV app on Smart TVs Samsung, LG, Sony (Opera TV), Philips, etc. and on all Android/iOS devices.

We offer you to advertise in one of the most popular ViNTERA.TV app on the Smart TVs Samsung, LG, Philips, Toshiba and all Android/iOS devices.

Your ad will be seen by owners of Smart TVs producing more than 100 million connections to ViNTERA.TV service per month.


- broadcasting on millions of Smart TVs and other Internet-connected devices;

- more than 100 million connections per month;

- more than 3 hours is the average time watching per connection per day;

- more than 6000 connected TV playlists of local Internet/IPTV providers.

Advertising inventory of ViNTERA.TV service:



 Advertising format


 Request statistics




 Preroll (video commercial before playing a TV-channel)

 70 000 000

 requests per month





 PreApp Roll (video commercial before loading the app)

 12 000 000

 requests per month





 Banner (580х326) in the window of the player (animated format avaliable)

 24 000 000

 requests per month




 Text (160 characters) semitransparent banner in the window of the player (appears when you select a TV-channel or section)

 42 000 000

 requests per month





 Horizontal banner (1900x170) under the window of the player (renewing every 15 seconds)

 6 000 000 000

 requests per month



Discounts for regular customers and partners.

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