Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 8, 2019

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Tariffs of ViNTERA.TV OTT "turnkey"

For ТV companies, TV studios, TV and videographers we offer the service of the spread (broadcast) of your resource for all Internet-connected devices: PC, SmartTV TV, Internet TV consoles, mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Android. Sometimes this kind of broadcasting is called multi-screen.

The Viewing via PC and mobile devices for subscriber (the audience) is via the Customer's website and the website ViNTERA.TV.

Only the platform ViNTERA.TV offers the service of guaranteed access to media resources (channels) of the Customers through millions Smart TVs (Samsung, etc.) and Internet TV set-top boxes.

The average distribution of connections to the platform ViNTERA.TV through different devices

Reliability of Internet-TV broadcasting of platform ViNTERA.TV is provided by system of servers, located on the set of the data-centers.

It is own system of CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Internet TV (or Online TV), SmartTV (or Connected TV) can be combined general term OTT (Over The Top).

The platform supports broadcast TV channels with any quality of SD, HD and 3D. As an option or as a separate service can be provided to service Televebinar.

Televebinar is interactive Internet-TV broadcasting with the ability of feedback with the audience in real time via text and video chat.

We can offer a compact mobile systems allowing to broadcast from anywhere in the world with internet access.

For TV channels already broadcasting on the internet we can offer guaranteed access to them through millions Smart TVs and Android/iOS mobile devices.

Cost of service - only 6900 rub/month.

TV channels which are interested in distributing through local networks of cable operators

(DVB-C) and IPTV operators can use the appropriate service of platform ViNTERA.TV.

More than 6000 local TV operators have direct connections with the platform ViNTERA.TV.

Special offers:

  1. Simultaneous distribution of TV signal via satellite and ViNTERA.TV service
  2. Distribution of TV signal via ViNTERA.ТV service

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