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Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 8, 2019

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Oct 2, 2019

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TV packages description of TV+ section

  Active package

The package consists of  Auto 24, Hunter and Fisher, Boets TV-channels

Auto 24 - the unique Russian automotive infotainment channel. Over 500 hours of exclusive content from globally recognized leader in the media industry – German holding Motor Press TV, which includes world famous authoritative automobile magazine - Auto Motor Und Sport (AMS) and the eponymous TV channel, the classic and original formats of automotive television programs of own production, unique news, interviews and test drives.

Hunter and Fisher– TV-channel with a variety of cognitive channel programs of hunting and fishing. It reviews the key events in the world of hunting and fishing, practical advice of experienced hunters and experts, as well as fishing and hunting show with stars of show business and politics, hunting and fishing from A to Z.

Cinema TV package

The package consists of 
 Illuzion+, Eurokino, Comedy TV, Male Movie



Illuzion + is a dynamic and modern, recognizable and actual, exciting and unique, attractive, and it deserves your attention channel of popular foreign film. Slogan: "The films that you want to watch again and again." More than 500 hours of premium foreign content. Illusion+ is online around the clock.

Eurokino is the first Russian TV channel of European films, winner of the national award "Golden Ray 2011". Slogan: «Cinema with a quality mark». More than 600 hours of premium European content:

- Comedy, romance, art-house, thrillers, action

- Own production of reports from European festivals

Male movies- films which are impossible to stop watching, heroes you want to emulate. It is burning mixture of drive, speed and adrenaline which also attracts women! Every day premiere of new movie!

Mix TV package

The package consists of 
 50 popular TV channels without ad!

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