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Oct 8, 2019

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Add playlist

For connecting TV channels of your provider to the platform ViNTERA.TV send us:

1. your IP-address. You can find IP-address on your Smart TV Samsung in our app ViNTERA.TV. IP-address is marked by a red arrow in the figure.

Please specify in the comment:

- e-mail address;

 - belonging of  playlist:

     or this is provider's playlist ,

     or it's a third-party playlist (then specify your unique and static external IP-address (provided by your ISP).

2. your playlist,

3. rand and model of your device.

As a rule, the connection of the playlist takes place within a week, about which you will receive a notification.

We can integrate your playlist only in m3u format.

You can integrate only one playlist with a size of no more than 1000 lines not starting with https, mms, rtmp.

Recommended not to use in the titles letters as Á â à ã.

Playlist structure should look like this:


#EXTINF:-1,Channel name 1

URL channel 1

#EXTINF:-1,Channel name 2

URL channel 2

Recommended not to leave unnecessary lines as #EXTINF:-1 or URL as



A playlist can not be connected if:

- there is already loaded playlist for your IP range,

- there is no assurance that your playlist is from your ISP,

- and in the comment you did not specify that IP address is static.

Please send the playlist in accordance with these rules.

By default, when you integrate a new playlist the old one is deleted!!! If you want to add channels to existing please specify it in the comments.

If you have a unique and static external IP-address (provided by your ISP) we can connect your own individual playlist.

ATTENTION!!! Be sure to specify in the comments the brand and model of your Smart TV! Without this information playlists will not be considered!

Attention!  If on your Smart TV in the "Providers TV " section list of TV channels is displayed, but the channels do not work, you need:
- find out whether your ISP (Internet Service Provider) broadcasts TV channels in the open mode (for example, install free ViNTERA.TV app on your mobile device based on  
Android/iOS and checking the functionality of the channels in the "TV provider" section)

- if ISP broadcasts, you have to enable UDPProxy (tick) in the router settings
- look in the router settings IP address of router and the port number in UDPProxy settings of the router (or fill port number yourself (if it displays 0 you can fill, for example, 31768)
- in the UDPProxy settings of app on the TV enter this information (the IP address of the router and UDPProxy port number of the router).
After these steps, open TV-channels from your ISP should work.
Sony Smart TVs do not support multicast. If your ISP broadcasts TV channels in multicast format unfortunately TV channels of «Providers TV» section won’t work.

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